Fear of the dentist is one of the most common fears around. For some people, it’s a fear of the unknown. For others, it’s due to a bad experience in the past. Whatever your reason, anxiety about being in the dentist chair can make even regular checkups difficult.

Sedation helps you to feel relaxed. You’ll be awake throughout, but you will feel calm and sleepy. You will also be able to cooperate, which allows us to undertake any procedure.

Other Uses of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry can also be useful even if you don’t suffer from a phobia. For instance, it can help patients who may struggle to sit still in the dentist chair, such as young children and people with certain disabilities, it can counteract a strong gag reflex, and it can help a long procedure pass quicker.

Types of Sedation

We will recommend the right type of sedation for you according to the extent of your anxiety and the procedure you are undergoing.


Gas offers minimal sedation. You breathe in the nitrous oxide through a mask placed over your nose. We control the level of sedation throughout to keep you comfortable. After we remove the mask, the sensation wears off almost immediately. If you want to drive yourself home after your visit, this is your only option.


Oral sedation can provide minimal to moderate sedation, depending on the dosage. Effects are slightly stronger than with gas. You will likely remember little, if any, of the procedure and you may even fall asleep.


Another option for moderation sedation is to use an IV. This has the advantage over the pill that we can control the level of sedation. However, it is less suitable for patients with a phobia of needles, as the IV needs to be inserted into a vein.

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